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Dallas-REIG provides a wide range of real estate investing education on a weekly basis. This includes in-the-field hands-on activities; designed to give real-world experience. And what better way to learn, than by doing.

We at Dallas-REIG want to help you get connected to other real estate investors, trusted coaches and mentors while helping you grow your real estate business.

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Single Family Coaching

Next Class TBA...

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"Burnout" (Fire Damaged) House Coaching

June 17 - August 26, 2014
Sept. 22 - Dec.1, 2014

"Don't Wing it. Don't just rely on your common sense. Knowledge is power. It's not about how smart you are in real estate, it's how well your trained. You can really be smart but make bad decisions if you're not properly trained."

-Keith Sperry


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